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H2Oelite benefits are almost immediate and are long-term. You will observe tremendous savings in maintenance, biocide chemicals, labor and water usage. Our H2Oelite solution decreases scale build-up, bacteria, biofilm, corrosion & algae blooms. It will also reduce makeup water/blow downs substantially, resulting in water conservation while increasing the life of your equipment and lowering energy costs.

Prior to H2Oelite, there are two basic options to control hard water issues: using hazardous chemicals or investing in a water softener. Our solutions can solve issues like hard water damage from limescale formation without the need of a water softener, salt or extensive chemical use, and with no maintenance required. 



Affordable, one-time investment. 

Zero maintenance.

Easy mounts on a wall. 

Reduced downtime. 

Requires no salts or chemicals. 

Non-intrusive to water. 

Does not require any additional water usage. 


Made in the USA. 

Environmental friendly

Salt and chemical-free water condition


Cost savings on labour, salt and repairs associated with water softeners

Return on Investment

Last longer than 10 years

Made in USA

Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA



H2Oelite will eliminate costly salt and maintenance prone water softeners. It will reduce makeup water/blow downs substantially, resulting in huge water savings. It will increase the life of the equipment and lower energy costs. 



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